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Receiving SMS messages is always free, even when you are abroad. You can text in the Netherlands and abroad for a fixed low rate. This does not apply to paid SMS services to which you are subscribed.

The costs for SMS messages can be found under tariffs.

If asked for, enter the number of the Ortel Mobile SMS exchange server: +31 6 53131314. Please note that you must have a minimum of € 0.75 credit to send SMS messages from abroad. So do not forget to have enough credit when you go abroad.

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You do not need to do anything to receive SMS messages. Most of the phones alert you that you have  received a SMS message by means of a sound and / or the symbol of a small, sealed envelope on the screen. Refer to your mobile phone to find out about SMS messages. Receiving SMS messages is always free, even when you are abroad.

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If you receive SMS messages and would no longer like them to be applied, please contact the provider of the SMS service to stop the service.

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With Ortel Mobile you also have the possibility to send and receive MMS messages on your mobile phone. Start by configuring your phone with the MMS settings. Ortel Mobile offers a web tool to configure your phone automatically. See "MMS Service Settings" how you can receive the settings. You can configure the settings manually by following the instructions in the manual of your mobile phone.

In case your mobile phone does not support MMS, you will receive a SMS message with the following content:
 "You have received a picture or video message from +316 XXXXXXX. View this message within 3 days on message with message code XXX "

 You can view your MMS message within 3 days by clicking on the following link:

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If you want to receive the MMS service settings on your phone, send a SMS with YES to 1300. These settings are saved automatically. Another FREE service of Ortel Mobile!

Or you can follow this link to the settings tool and then choose your phone. The settings are sent for free to your mobile phone and stored.

Attention! For android phones or Iphones follow these steps.

To manually configure the settings, please find below the required data. Read the manual of your mobile to configure the MMS setting

Name of the MMS service:

Ortel MMS

Other settings except the MMS settings can be left blank.

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