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Are you not accessible or is your mobile phone turned off? Do not worry, because with Ortel Mobile you automatically have access to a voicemail service. Anyone who cannot reach you can leave a message. This message is kept for 72 hours.

As soon as you are within reach again or turn your cell phone back on, you receive a message stating that you have a voicemail message. Your voicemail is enabled by default. The first time you access your voicemail, you are prompted to create a personal message and set your own PIN code. To listen to your voicemail, you pay the normal call rates.

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You can easily switch your voicemail on and off. To switch your voicemail on, enter 12331 and follow the instructions. To turn off your voicemail, enter 12339 and follow the instructions again from the menu.

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Call 1233 and follow the instructions in the menu to include a personal message and to set a PIN code. Your personal message let callers know that they have called the right person. If you do not record a personal message, callers will hear the phone number they have called. With the PIN code you can listen to your voicemail messages from abroad or from another phone.

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Dial 1233 to access your voicemail from your mobile phone. Call 06 1200 1233 from another phone to access your voicemail. In this case, in order to access your voicemail you will need to enter the PIN code.

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With your personal greeting people know that they have called you and not a wrong number. If you choose not to make use of a personal message, the caller will only hear your mobile number. Call 1233 and follow the instructions in the menu to set a personal message.

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By calling to +31 6 1200 1233 you can access your voicemail from abroad. Make sure you have set a personal voicemail PIN code in order to listen to your voicemail from abroad.

This voicemail PIN code can be set only if you are in the Netherlands and not abroad.

How can I change my PIN code?

  • Dial 1233 on your mobile phone
  • Press * in the main menu
  • Select option 3 (Personal Settings)
  • Then select option 1 (Change Password)
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN code followed by #
  • You will hear a message to confirm the password you selected
  • You can also choose to receive your password via SMS

If you prefer not to have voicemail while abroad, call 12339 (before you go abroad) and follow the instructions to switch your voicemail off. You can activate the voicemail again by calling 12331.

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