Mobile internet


You pay €20 with  
your call credit


You pay €5 with  
your call credit


You pay €10 with 
your call credit


Mobile Internet top-ups are easy to order
Buy online or activate by phone

How to buy mobile internet

To buy mobile internet online or to activate by phone is very simple. This is how it works:

Buy mobile internet

  1. Choose the 
    1GB internet Bundlecheck
  2. Fill in your Ortel mobile
  3. Pay safe and easiliy 
    via iDEAL or Creditcardpayment
  4. Your 4G internet bundle
    is immediatly activeworld

Activate mobile internet

  1. Make a choice between the 50MB,
    150MB of 1GB
    internet bundlescheck
  2. Activate the bundle by
    entering the right code 
    on your phonemobile
  3. You pay with your 
    call credit down
  4. Your 4G internet bundle 
    is immediatly activeworld

Frequently asked questions

If you want to receive the settings of mobile Internet on your phone, send a SMS with YES to 1300. These are automatically stored on your mobile. Another FREE service of Ortel Mobile!

 Or you follow this link to the settings tool and then choose your phone. The settings are sent  for free to your mobile phone and stored.

To manually configure the settings, please find below the required data. Read the manual of your mobile to configure the MMS settings.

Ortel Internet


Other settings except Internet settings can be left blank.

In case you cannot use internet, the settings on your phone are probably not correct. Send a SMS to 1300 with YES to receive your settings. These are automatically stored on your mobile. Another FREE service of Ortel Mobile!

You can see the amount MB’s available by simply requesting for it via the following free codes.

- Internet bundle (€ 2.50) - dial * 120 * 001 # and call
- Internet PLUS bundle (€ 5.00) - dial * 121 * 001 # and call

- 1 GB bundel (€10,00 bought online) - dial *122*001# and call

- 1 GB bundel (€10,00 activated by phone) - dial *123*001# and call