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A connection fee exists of fixed charges that are used for the cost of setting up the connection. For all calls within the Netherlands and abroad the starting rate of € 0.29 applies.

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  • NO COSTS will be charged for your number portability.
  • Your current mobile number should not be disconnected or blocked, otherwise the number portability cannot be applied.
  • You can fill the form online or download here. When you choose to download the form, you should fill in all the fields and send it into an unstamped envelope to:
    Nummerbehoud Ortel Mobile
    Antwoordnummer 12
    9700 WB Groningen
  • In this envelope you will also need to enclose a copy of a valid ID.
  • If you have a subscription with your current provider, you also need to enclose a copy of your last bill and a valid ID
  • If you have a subscription with your current provider and the subscription has not expired yet, your current provider may ask you for a redemption fee.
  • If your current provider agrees with the number portability, you will receive a confirmation letter from Ortel Mobile for number portability.
  • If a notice period applies to your current subscription, the number will be transferred to Ortel Mobile after the end of your current subscription.
  • During the application process for number portability, you can make use of Ortel Mobile, by using your temporary mobile number.
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You can end your subsription to Ortel by not using your Ortel SIM card. After 6 months your SIM card will automatically expire. You can also cancel immediately by contacting our Customer Care team at telephone number 0900-1612000 (regular tariff, no additional service costs). This includes canceling your free SIM card order.

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